Rules & Regulations

Changes effective 8-1-18


The absolute control of the cemetery grounds in every particular is vested in the Board; internment rights owner(s) and others are entitled only to such privileges within the grounds as are provided by these rules and regulating the general care of the graves and cemetery grounds.

  1. No person other than district employees or persons acting under the direction of the General Manager shall plant any tree, shrub, flowers, grass seed, ground covering or plants of any type on the cemetery grounds. Also, no person is allowed to mow or weed eat any part of the cemetery grounds. Donations for trees will be taken by the Friends of the San Jacinto Valley Cemetery. The trees will be selected and planted by district personnel under the direction of the Board.

  2. Each internment space may have no more than (3) approved flower containers. Two containers shall be a flower vase placed flush with the surface of the ground that is purchased and Installed by District employees. The third container may be a small (8 inch max. diameter) unbreakable container which may only be placed on the headstone. Unauthorized containers will be removed by district personnel.

  3. Flowers (fresh or artificial) may only be placed in the two approved vases and/or in the small unbreakable container as mentioned above.

  4. Dead flowers and decorations not in the approved containers will be removed by the District employeesevery Monday morning.

  5. Funeral arrangements will remain on the grave for approximately one week.

  6. No person shall place on any grave any statues, toys, boxes, globes, shells, cans, jugs, bottles, bric-a brac unless in the two approved vases and/or in the small unbreakable container as mentioned above. Fences or any other unauthorized items are not allowed.

  7. Only service dogs on a leash allowed.

  8. Alcoholic beverages, marijuana or any drugs are not allowed on cemetery grounds.

  9. If any tree, shrub, plant or vine situated on any plot shall be reason of roots, branches, height, shade or otherwise become detrimental or unsightly to adjacent plots, streets or the cemetery grounds, the manager or any other person authorized by the Board may enter upon such plot and remove or trim such trees, shrub, plant or vine as deemed necessary.

  10. No person shall burn any combustible material within the cemetery grounds.

  11. The Board reserves the right to make improvements to any lot or to any public portion of the cemetery grounds at any time at the District's expense.

  12. Barbecues and picnics, and all items and activities associated with barbecues and picnics, are not allowed on cemetery grounds. Canopies, tents or tables, unless provided by the District are prohibited unless pre-approved. Chairs being used on the cemetery grounds that are not supplied by the district during a funeral service can only be placed on your loved ones grave while you are visiting.
  13. The Cemetery grounds will open at 7:30AM and close at 10:00PM. Anyone trespassing will be asked to leave the property immediately. (PC602)

  14. The cemetery or its employees shall not be responsible for anything of a breakable or moveable nature that becomes broken or stolen including flowers or decorations.

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A complete copy of the Rules & Regulations of The San Jacinto Valley Cemetery District is available in the cemetery office.



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